Money Saving Tips For Businesses

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Everyone loves to save money and over the years I’ve picked up a few ways to do so. This post is aimed at UK businesses and ways to save money for random things…

Get your gas and electricity from separate providers

In the UK anyone can bill you for your gas and electricity. This was introduced to prevent monopolies controlling prices. Many of us get calls from telemarketers promising things like “we can save you £252 on your yearly bills”. In many cases you will save money, but rarely will you get the best deal for both your gas and electricity from one provider.

The one reason why it may sometimes be best to stick with one company for both is if they have a special deal for something else. For example British Gas offers extras like 20% off home insurance if you buy their gas, I assume they will have similar offers for businesses too. There are comparison websites to get quotes and from then on it is a pretty simple process to switch provider.


Get your business supplies through a single company

This is the future of business purchasing. Basically instead of dealing with lots of different suppliers, you let one agency source the best deals from their own network of suppliers. They then take a tiny fraction each month, but you will end up saving lots of money. They are able to get better deals because they have good relationships with suppliers and are buying in bulk.

Companies like Supplyou are springing up at the moment and they can save all types of businesses a lot of money. These companies usually offer a free consultation which involves looking at what you already buy, then they go away and see how much they can improve it by with their suppliers. It is a win-win situation and you have that extra person on your side if anything goes wrong with deliveries. This applies to all companies from hotels to nursing homes to schools.


Hire students for creative positions

Students are ten a penny and many are prepared to work for around minimum wage. They are often talented individuals and skilled. When they go out in the world they will need an impressive CV to show potential employers. Where they can really be of use is in creative positions. If you need a new graphic doing for an advert or a website building, students will jump at the chance to help you and build up their portfolio.

To find them visit sites like Student Jobs and try to find someone who is specialising in the task you need doing. Many students will be prepared to do any old job to get some extra cash, but they won’t be too happy about it. The key is to find someone who has a genuine interest in the task at hand. If you have something creative or technical then you will likely find that they do a great job at a very reasonable rate.

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More Affordable Property in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is known to have some of the highest property prices in the world. Hong Kong Island is rated as the 3rd most expensive place to buy or rent real estate in the whole world. The reason is a simple case of supply and demand. Hong Kong is a hotspot for international businesses who set up their headquarters in Asia. The every growing tourism industry is also putting a strain on things as hotels replace apartments and condos.

A quick hop over the bay will have you on Lantau Island. This is the location of the airport and Disneyland with many areas not yet developed. The most development over the past 10 years has been focused in Discovery Bay. This is a community of around 20,000 international residents who enjoy traffic free living. The close proximity to the airport makes this a great location for those who need to travel around Asia.

Discovery Bay property prices are around a third cheaper than on Hong Kong Island. The transport infrastructure is excellent with regular ferry services to Hong Kong Island, or commuters can travel by railway or road. Discovery Bay property is plentiful thanks to excellent advance planing from the developers.

golf buggies in discovery bayThe picturesque region was originally to be a tourist hotspot but plans were changed at the last minute. This means residents enjoy an excellent beachfront selling with sweeping views of the sea. Families will be happy to learn that there are no cars allowed which makes the area safer for children to play outside. Not to mention less noise and air pollution. Residents get around the old fashioned way, by walking or cycling. There is also a limited number of slots available for electric golf buggies.


So if you are thinking of moving to Hong Kong or need a place to live as a travel hub in Asia, Discovery Bay should be one of your considerations. It combines all the benefits of living in Hong Kong with a more affordable lifestyle.

Source: worldwide property rates



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Top 3 Men’s Ski Boot for 2013

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Do you know which piece of ski equipment is the most important? Hands down, the most vital tool when it comes to enjoying your ski day is your pair of ski boots. A well-fitting pair of boots can make or break a good day on the mountain. They can be the difference between skiing a steep line like a pro or flailing like a gaper. A good pair of boots can even save your toe nails from turning black. See what we mean? A good pair of ski boots really is the tool that every skier should concentrate on when investing in the proper ski gear.

So, with all of that said, what boots are the best? Here’s our top three pick for best men’s ski boots for 2013…

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Get Away for Christmas

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Anyone who works in London during the year will be aware of just how stressful it can be at times. Looking forward to those holiday breaks is the reward for all that hard work though, and one of the best holiday periods to get away from it all, is the Christmas period. Whilst some people decide that they want to head to sunnier climates, others prefer to stay within the country, but in a quieter place.

I have been using Unique Holiday Cottages whenever I want to get out of town, which lists cottages by county across the UK. One suggestion of a place to stay when considering taking a Christmas break within the UK is Yorkshire. This area of the country is arguably at its most beautiful with frost and snow on the ground, and what better way to spend time there, than in a Yorkshire holiday cottage? There are a number of these holiday rentals in Yorkshire to choose from, with each one having its own unique attraction or aspect. Normanby Cottage is one of these.

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Tips to help you sell your car

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Over the years we have come across a few things that can really help you to sell a car fast. Below are just a few bits of advice we would like to share with you.

  • Make sure the vehicle is spotless on the outside before showing it to anyone. Pay extra attention to the registration plate which shows dirt and grit marks. If there are any little marks in the paint try T Cut or similar solution to cover them.
  • Get a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle which will reach into the parts usually left to collect bits. This will show that the car has been well looked after if there are no corners left uncleaned.
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